Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cher Lloyd's new boyfriend!

Do you support Cherim?
Yep, looks like Cher has a boyfriend after all! Neither Cher or Karim Roundi have denied the relationship; in fact Karim recently tweeted that he won't break her heart. Karim is good friends with Paije Richardson and was with him during his first audition
The two were later introduced by Paije where they exchanged numbers.

"Lol @Paijerichardson gave me a @CherLloyd substitute for when I miss her! What a lovely guy"

Karim tweets
"I'm lucky to have the girlfriend I have!"
"My new girl isn't even scared of spiders! HA top that! BEEECHES!"
"Woah! I'm actually scared how much I like her!! Is this sane?" 
"Blah. . . I'm hers! She's mine! Like! I'm deep in like!"
"LOL my girlfriend keeps making death threats! I'm scared." 
"& I don't wanna fall in love but your brown eyes have got me hypnotised maybe we should give it a try"
"la la la! I'll be good baby!! *bbm eyelashes face*"
"& I'm scared that every girl I care for will find a better man & end up happier in the long run"
"You should see my new girl yeah she's f***ing hardcore!!!"
"@CherLloyd fancy kidnapping me? I miss you "/"
"I'm hers la la la"
"She's like a drug!!! I need her!!"
"WOAH!!!! Blah! She has game! So much game! La la la!! I'm ready!"

@Chan_London:"@karimroundi: AHH @CherLloyd I miss you!!! I need ya! "/"« Stop This Drunken Behaviour!"
@Karimroundi:" @Chan_London its ok we're no longer a secret!

"I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about ya now!!! So I've grown from wanting what I can't have, to having what I want!!! I'm keeping this one Coz she's got my favourite smile! My favourite style! The first hotel my favourite time!"

Some of Cher's friends have tweeted their support too :)
"We love cher for her talent so don't hate on her cause she may have ah boyfriend :S she's a girl girls have boyfriends don't they :S"
"I'm happy for @cherlloyd and @karimroundi :) xxxx"

Karim just got back from a visit to Cher's hometown, Malvern, before the young rapper jets of to the US to do some recording!

Hope Cherim are very happy together!

Cher was also pictured here with Lloyd Daniels

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