Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cher Lloyd's family interview

Malvern singer Cher Lloyd wowed the crowd – and her family – when she opened the X Factor tour complete with her new short pillarbox-red haircut.

The 17-year-old performed four songs, including Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend and Shakespears Sister’s Stay – which was a favourite both with Cher and the audience when she sang it on the competition last autumn.
But for her family, the real thrill came after the show, when they overheard the crowds leaving the venue talking about Cher.
Grandmother Janice Lunn said:
“The applause and the reaction from the audience she got was amazing. But afterwards, when we were coming out, I don’t think there was anybody talking about anyone else apart from Cher. They were saying she was outstanding. It was brilliant – it gave me goosebumps the size of golf balls.”
Dad Darren Lloyd said:
“A lot of people have changed their minds about Cher. Everyone was talking about her and it was all good and positive. A lot of them reckoned she was a lot better live than on the show.”
The family all travelled to the LG Arena in Birmingham to see the live show, which has now moved to Dublin for the second leg of the tour.
This morning, Mr Lloyd and Cher’s uncles and grandfather flew out to see her perform for the second time. They will then have to wait for the final shows in Cardiff to see her one final time.

Meanwhile, they have denied rumours in the national press that Cher’s parents are looking to leave their Malvern Link home.
“We laughed about it when we read it,”
said 37-year-old Mr Lloyd.
Mrs Lunn believes the story originated in an early interview which Cher did, where she said she would like to buy her parents a new house if she was lucky enough to become successful.
“I think we will have to wait a little while longer before Cher could afford that,”
she said.
Cher has also hit the headlines for her bright red hair, which certainly makes her stand out from the crowd.
Mr Lloyd admits it wasn’t his favourite look in the beginning, but he has grown to like it since.
He said:
“If you’d have asked me when she first had it done... but now I think it looks nice. We first found out about it from a picture – I said to her ‘I hope that is a wig’. We were used to her having long hair.”

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Cher Pics and News

Great vid of Cher's first preformance after The X Factor

Rumours that Cheryl Cole hasn't been in contact with any of her girls since the show have surfaced. The other judges apparently have all contacted their contestants. We can not confirm these reports. Katie says Cheryl has not been in contact since she was voted off the show over 3 months ago and Mary Byrne says:

‘I don’t think the girls heard from Cheryl [Cole], Matt has heard from Dannii, I’m sure the boys have been in touch with Simon, but I know that Cheryl hasn’t been in touch with any of them.’

Cher Lloyd - X Factor Tour @ Ireland

Punk princess: Cher Lloyd took to the stage in a black and pink ensemble consisting of Adidas trainers and a tutu while in Dublin
 Punk princess: Cher Lloyd took to the stage in a black and pink ensemble consisting of Adidas trainers and a tutu while in Dublin

Dancers: Cher Lloyd had a flurry of back-up dancers during her performance, who also wore bright harlequin fabrics

She’s beautiful

Boom Shake The Room / Whip My Hair
The Clapping Song / Get Ur Freak On

Vid of the finalists outside the Morgan Hotel, Dublin

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cher Lloyd New Hair Style!

Cher hasn't shaved her hair, it's just put up!
"might shave all my hair off and get a tattoo on my head. goodnight world."
 The pic was taken while she was out shopping with her dad on her day off.

What do you Brats think?

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cher Lloyd's Red Bob Hairdo!

Deja vu: The singer was wearing her favourite, outfit, which she wore to jet into Heathrow last weekDeja vu: The singer was wearing her favourite, outfit, which she wore to jet into Heathrow last weekFiery: Cher is a few months late on this trend - a celeb favourite last year
The every changing, ever gorgeous Cher stepped out today with her new surprising do'! She was pictured outside the studio where The XFactor gang are rehersing for the upcoming tour!  :)

What do you Brats think? Love it or loath it?

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Cher in the studio!

New video on Cher in the studio! She talks about what she's been upto the last few weeks

Cher in the studio video!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cher Lloyd Rehersal

Cher Lloyd in tour rehersal pics! Cher is back from L.A, still jet lagged though! Cher says "Watch out for my choreography, bust a moooooove ! ;)"

"do you reckon I could eat this in a minute?!"