Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Cher Lloyd Photoshoot and Interview

Cher Lloyd wishes people would give her a break. The 17-year-old mini-rapper has been criticised for her confident on-stage performances and unique style choices, but insists that behind the scenes she's just like the rest of us.

"I'm just a normal 17-year-old girl and I do have major feelings,"
 says Cher.

"Sometimes stuff people say really affects me, whether it's about the way I look or the way that I'm acting. It can get me really stressed out. And it's like, give me a little break. A week of somebody being nice to me would be lovely."

"I don't understand why,"
 she tells Wonderland magazine.
Cher Lloyd Photo No3 From The - WonderLand Magazine - Photoshoot @wonderlandmagCher Lloyd Photo No2 From The - WonderLand Magazine - Photoshoot http://www.wonderlandmagazine.com/issues/Cher Lloyd Photo No1 For The - WonderLand Magazine - Photoshoot http://www.wonderlandmagazine.com/issues/
"I'm still gonna carry on, I'm not going to change. I don't want to be perfect, I want to be edgy and even if I do things wrong, who cares? I'm not going to jail for it, hopefully."
And Cher - who came 4th in The X Factor 2010 - hates getting funny looks when she walks into high-street shops like Primark.

 "I wanted something that would sort of represent me, that’s fiery and outgoing. So I thought a bit of a red would do me good. I want to get my nose pierced too."

Thanks: Wonderland, Now